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Information Asset Management

Information Asset Management solutions allow generating optimization

strategies on the most important IT assets of companies.

Definition of a framework for managing information in an organized, reliable, effective, confidential and secure manner.

Development of the complete strategy of administration of unstructured content within the company.

Shutdown of legacy applications that, for compliance reasons, continue to operate and protect the data.

Automation of processes based on industry standards such as BPEL or BPMN.

Operational Continuity

The Operational Continuity solutions allow to reduce the risks of unexpected stoppages in

the operation and improve the efficiency of the systems already deployed.

Archiving information of transactional systems that do not have historical data management.

Migration of business content between platforms.

Application integration through collaboration patterns: Enterprise Integration Application (EIA) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Support on applications made to measure through reverse engineering on them, generation of system documentation.

Exploitation of Information Acquisitions

The Acquisition of Information Resources solutions help to make the most of the investments made in transactional systems providing decision-making capabilities to the user.

Unified Consolidation of Historical Information

Data Warehousing strategy for Data Lake definition with structured and unstructured information.

Business Intelligence

Traditional decision making solutions allow the exploitation of information from data sources within the company.

Big Data & Big Content

Advanced decision making solutions, include tools such as Machine Learning, Data Prediction, Text Mining.

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File 360

The 360-File product platform allows us to respond to institutional compliance and transparency needs.

Solution with management control that allows official institutional correspondence.

Solution to the latest demands on conservation of digital collections, based on industry standards.

Solution to the operative and normative requirements of the File, based on the needs of the industry.